DeepPetri demo

About the project

DeepPetri, a user-friendly software tool to semi-automatically determine, measure, and categorize lysis zones of images from spot tests. DeepPetri is implemented in a cloud based application and deals with images captured with any camera-device, including digital cameras and mobile phones.

Based on the workflow employed by phage microbiologists to determine phage susceptibility of bacteria, we have designed a software tool that semi-automatizes the process and centralizes accompanying information of experiments (e.g. photos, notes, tables) in a cloud platform, ready to share, consult, or archive. Computer vision techniques and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are employed to achieve such an automatization.

DeepPetri can calculate both basic and customizable features, such as:

  • Lysis/turbid lysis/no lysis classification output
  • Phage titration (plaque counting)
  • EOP calculation
  • Lysis comparisons (inter- and intra- strain)
  • Contaminant detection
  • Database storage and quality recall
  • Access set-up (cloud or integration)



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